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What is the Benefit of Red Onions?

What is the Benefit of Red Onions?



If you’re wondering what the benefit of red onions is, keep reading! Inulin, anti-inflammatory properties, and heart health are just a few of the benefits you can get from eating onions. Let’s take a closer look! So, what are the benefits of onions?

And how do we benefit from onions? Let’s start by learning about the different types of onions. This way, we can make sure that we eat the right kinds and get the maximum benefits from them.

Red onion

Red onions contain high levels of quercetin, a chemical that is linked to a decreased risk of cancer and other chronic diseases. Quercetin and cyanidin are powerful antioxidants and can even help diabetics control their blood sugar.

These compounds also promote healthy digestion and fight intestinal parasites. Red onions are also high in fiber and oligofructose, which helps promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines.


Onions are rich in fiber, and this substance acts as a food source for beneficial bacteria in your intestines. These bacteria help your digestive system to function properly, and inulin is one of these compounds.

However, onions also contain thiosulfinates, which can harm these bacteria. If you’re sensitive to these substances, you should consult a doctor before eating onions.

Inulin is also found in other foods, including garlic, and other vegetables.

Antioxidant polyphenols

Onions are rich in antioxidant polyphenols and flavonoids. These compounds have numerous positive health benefits. These compounds may lower cholesterol and triglycerides and improve cardiovascular health.

In addition, onions can lower cholesterol levels and have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. To find out whether these compounds may help lower cholesterol levels in your blood, try eating onions. You may be surprised to learn that onions contain more antioxidant polyphenols than you think.

Heart health

Onions have many benefits. In addition to their nutritional value, onions have positive effects on the cardiovascular system. Onions contain a substance known as quercetin, a polyphenol that reduces high blood pressure and triglycerides.

Research by the American Chemical Society shows that tearless onions are particularly good for heart health.

These natural products also reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. Moreover, they help the body produce more healthy kinds of cholesterol.

Lowering blood pressure

Eating onion and garlic may help lower blood pressure, but there is also more to the benefits of these foods. The dietary and herbal advice is generally similar.

The main goals of people with high blood pressure are to lose excess weight and stop smoking. Also, excessive alcohol consumption has been found to elevate blood pressure, so hypertensives should limit their consumption to one ounce of alcohol a day, ideally none at all.

Reducing inflammation

Onions have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. The highest levels of flavonoids can be found in their dry skin. However, peeling can decrease flavonoid levels.

The amount of flavonoids in onions also depends on how they are cooked. Microwaving and boiling reduce flavonoid levels while frying results in the highest loss.  These factors combine to make onions a great choice for improving the health of your body.

Reversing skin aging

Onions are an excellent source of antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory and antiplatelet properties. These benefits are often associated with their anti-bacterial properties.

In a study by the Chung Shan Medical University Hospital in Taiwan, onions inhibited platelet aggregation in human blood.

Another study published at the University of South Australia looked at the antibacterial effects of onion juice on the eyelids. Researchers at both universities have published numerous articles on the benefits of onions and garlic.





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