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What Are the Best Drugs for Malaria Treatment?

What Are the Best Drugs for Malaria Treatment?


There are several medications that are effective against malaria, but what are the best ones? In this article, we will look at Artesunate, Clindamycin, Quinidine, and Atovaquone.

Each is effective for different patients, and we will discuss the pros and cons of each. For more information, read on to learn about the different drugs.

For more information, visit the websites of the National Institutes of Health and the World Health Organization.

quinidine: malaria treatment


The dosage of Quinidine for the treatment of malaria varies depending on the severity of the disease, the age of the child and the country of infection.

It is important to take the drug as directed by your doctor. The medication should be taken in equal doses at regular intervals.

If fever or other symptoms do not improve within one to two days, contact your medicul. This medication may be used in combination with other drugs to control the infection.

Quinidine gluconate is a class 1a anti-arrhythmic agent. It is not stocked in pediatric hospitals, but if it is available, the CDC’s Malaria hotline may

be of help. This drug must be administered through an IV in a monitored setting. The drug has many side effects, including hypotension, prolongation of the QT interval, and severe hypoglycemia.

 malaria treatment


A recent study found that artesunate, a widely prescribed antimalarial drug, is the best choice for severe malaria.

Although artesunate has not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, it has been recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) since 2006.

However, quinine is still the most commonly prescribed drug in countries that experience high malaria mortality.

The report concluded that artesunate could save around 100,000 lives a year.

The first randomized comparison of artemisinins to quinine showed that both drugs were effective and safe.

However, dihydroartemisinin and clindamycin have less evidence of effectiveness than artesuna

te. These two drugs should be used in combination with other antimalarial drugs, as they may increase neuropsychiatric toxicity.

Artesunate was not as effective in treating cerebral malaria, but it was still the best drug for malaria treatment.


There are several drugs available for the treatment of malaria. The most common antimalarial drug is atovaquone.

It is highly effective in killing parasites and reducing the risk of recurren

ce. Doctors use various combinations of drugs depending on the type of malaria, the patient’s overall condition, and drug resistance.

Most drugs fall into one of two main classes: plant-derived and animal-derived. Quinoline drugs derive their name from quinine, while artemisinin is extracted from wormwood.

The combination of atovaquone and proguanil is effective for treating uncomplicated malaria, but may not be as effective as the combination of artemether-lumefantrine and atovaquone-proguanil.

It is not proven to be more effective than the combination of artemether-lumefantrine, but more robust evidence is needed to confirm its efficacy.

Additionally, there are some side effects of this medication.


Clindamycin is an anti-malarial drug that was first used to treat falciparum malaria in the 1970s.

Since then, it has been used as a malaria treatment, with over 500 cases successfully treated with the drug alone.

Clinical trials have been conducted in Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America, with study populations consisting of healthy and immunosuppressed adults and a small number of children.

A systematic review of the available trials assessing the effectiveness of antimalarial drugs has been conducted.

The results of this systematic review were based on crude estimates of treatment failure.

PCR, a simple technique for identifying recrudescent and new malaria infections, was used in only two of the trials.

Many trials involved multiple arms, and available data were largely outdated. In addition, many studies were based on drugs that had been phased out in recent years.



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