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Akshara’s Health Deteriorates as Abhir Goes Missing

Akshara’s Health Deteriorates as Abhir Goes Missing: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Twists


In the thrilling world of Star Plus’ beloved show “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai,” Harshad Chopda and Pranali Rathod’s captivating performances have captivated audiences with their incredible drama and twists.

The current storyline is centered around Akshara, who returns to Kasauli, only to face a heart-wrenching restriction imposed by Manjari on her meeting with Abhir.

Meanwhile, Abhimanyu takes a drastic step by revoking the court’s stay order, allowing Akshara to meet Abhir once again. However, unforeseen events unfold, leading to a series of distressing incidents.

Akshara’s Emotional Turmoil: Longing for Abhir

Akshara finds herself engulfed in an emotional rollercoaster as she yearns to be with Abhir, her beloved child. Missing him immensely, she experiences hallucinations, mistaking a neighbor’s kid for her dear son.

Overwhelmed by the imaginary reunion, she suddenly collapses due to the trauma of separation. Worried about her well-being, Manish quickly reaches out to Abhinav with the alarming news of Akshara’s unconscious state.

Abhimanyu’s Concern and Abhir’s Heartbreak

In the midst of these distressing events, Abhimanyu is shocked to learn that Akshara has left for Kasauli after Manjari’s actions. Furthermore, Abhir feels heartbroken upon realizing that Akshara and Abhinav have departed for Kasauli without him.

He is plagued by the belief that his parents no longer love him. It is in this moment of turmoil that Abhimanyu becomes the pillar of strength for Abhir, assuring him of his parents’ unwavering love.

Ruhi’s Ingenious Plan

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness the entrance of Ruhi, who emerges as a savior for Abhir in his quest to reunite with his family.

Understanding the urgency of the situation, Ruhi devises a clever plan to help Abhir escape from the confines of Birla’s house. As the clock strikes midnight, Abhir embarks on a secret journey to Kasauli, yearning to meet Akshara and Abhinav.

A Twist of Fate: Abhir Goes Missing

In an unexpected turn of events, destiny plays a cruel hand as Abhir finds himself in an unknown location, far from Kasauli.

Disoriented and fatigued, he collapses and unwittingly gets trapped inside a box. To his dismay, a stranger unknowingly places the box in a truck, setting in motion a series of unforeseen events.

¬†Akshara’s Fears Intensify

As Abhir’s fate hangs in the balance, Akshara’s health takes a drastic hit due to the constant worry about her missing son. The weight of uncertainty intensifies her emotional turmoil, leaving her in a state of deep concern for Abhir’s safety and well-being.


Will fate reunite Akshara with her beloved son?

In the enthralling world of “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai,” emotions run high as Akshara’s health deteriorates, and Abhir remains missing.

Viewers are on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the unfolding of this gripping tale. Will Abhir’s adventurous journey lead him back to his family? Brace yourselves for an exhilarating ride filled with drama, love, and hope.



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