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Kenya’s Education and Health Sectors Boost: President Ruto Commits to 25k Teachers and 11k Health Promoters

Kenya’s Massive Drive to Boost Education and Health Sectors: President Ruto’s Pledge to Onboard 25k Teachers and 11k Community Health Promoters

Huge Surge in Educational and Health Employment

President William Ruto, in a bold and commendable move, announced a significant rise in the commitment towards enhancing the education and health sectors in Kenya.

This commitment translates into the government’s initiative to hire 25,000 more teachers and activate 11,000 community health promoters nationwide.

Boosting Education for All

Speaking at a Sunday church service in Molo, Nakuru County, President Ruto emphasised the government’s dedication to making education accessible to all children across Kenya, regardless of their socio-economic background.

The biggest resource we have in Kenya is our children. The only way to ensure equality between children from poor and rich backgrounds is through education,” the president proclaimed. T

he plan to bring on board an additional 25,000 teachers is set to augment the 35,000 teachers who were employed earlier this year.

For the first time in Kenya’s history, the government has recruited such an enormous number of teachers. This initiative aims to ensure that every child in Kenya has the golden opportunity to attend school, thereby building an educated, empowered future generation.

Revolutionizing Health Services with Community Health Promoters

In a bid to bolster community-level health services, President Ruto unveiled the plan to fund 11,000 community health promoters. These health promoters will play a pivotal role in treating minor ailments, effectively reducing congestion in referral hospitals for minor health issues.

Health treatment will commence at the community level. A community health promoter will be readily available in your community before you even consider visiting the hospital,” Ruto said.

The strategic deployment plan includes one community health promoter for every 100 households. In Nakuru alone, 3,600 community health promoters will be available and funded by both the county and national governments.

Funding and Support for Community Health Promoters

A robust Ksh.110 million fund has been allocated by the national government to pay community health promoters across Kenya. In a call to action, President Ruto urged county governments to draft their funding plans to support this initiative further.

The government also ensures to equip these community health promoters adequately, enabling them to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively.

President Ruto’s forward-thinking initiative towards education and health sectors presents a promising outlook for Kenya’s future, aimed at bridging the gap between the rich and the poor while promoting quality education and healthcare for all.



source: Citizen Digital News


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