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Complete Guide to Pregnancy & Why Women are Urinating Frequently

Last Updated on March 23, 2023 by Nurse Vicky

The Complete Guide to Pregnancy & Why Women are Urinating Frequently


Introduction: Why is Pregnant Woman Urinating Frequently?


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Pregnant women have a lot of pressure on their bladder because the uterus is putting pressure on the bladder. When pregnant women urinate, they may feel a sense of relief. Pregnant woman urinating frequently is common during the first and second trimesters.

The pregnant uterus increases in size by about 50% to 80% by week 26 of pregnancy, which means that it puts more pressure on the bladder and makes it much more difficult for a pregnant woman to fully empty her bladder.

Urine excretion can increase up to 40% in volume during pregnancy. Women who are high risk for toxemia or preeclampsia should be especially careful about drinking enough water so that they don’t become dehydrated.

What are the Reasons for Frequent Urination during Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life. It can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also be a time of worry and concern.

Women start to enjoy the physical changes that come with pregnancy, but they aren’t always aware of what’s going on inside their body.

A pregnant woman may urinate frequently for many different reasons. Some women may feel like they are taking more trips to the bathroom than usual because of the sudden change in their body weight distribution, or they may feel like they need to go before they even get up from bed because of increased pressure on the bladder from the uterus.

Doctors typically tell pregnant women that it is normal for them to urinate more often than usual during pregnancy, but some doctors recommend drinking more fluids or cutting down on caffeine to alleviate the rate of urination.

Possible Causes of Frequent Urination during Pregnancy

Frequent urination is a common symptom that pregnant women experience. It is the second most common symptom after nausea. Some possible causes of frequent urination during pregnancy are given below:

• Pregnancy-related bladder infection

• Pregnancy-related urinary tract infection

• Diuresis

• Excessive water intake or diuretics

• Urinary incontinence or other lower urinary tract symptoms

Dangers of Frequent Urination during Pregnancy

Frequent urination during pregnancy is a common phenomenon which will last through the duration of the pregnancy.

There are many reasons for this frequent urination, some common ones being increased hormone levels, increased progesterone, and bloating of the uterus.

The pregnant woman might feel that her bladder cannot store enough urine because it has increased in size to accommodate the growing fetus.

The pregnant woman may also have an urge to pee more frequently due to changes in hormones which are responsible for making the kidneys work more efficiently.

Lastly, bladder spasms might be caused by pressure on bladder muscles from growth of uterus or pelvic floor muscles due to pressure on them during pregnancy. This pressure may cause sudden urges to go to the bathroom even if there is not enough urine in your bladder yet.

What to Do if You’re Constantly Having to Go to the Bathroom?

Urinating often is a sign of an underlying health condition.

This section provides information about what to do if you are constantly having to urinate. It gives tips on what can cause this problem and how you can get professional help.



The Importance of Hydration for a Woman During Childbearing Years.


This paper concludes that women need to drink plenty of water and avoid caffeinated beverages and alcohol during and after pregnancy.

The risk of kidney stones can be alleviated by drinking plenty of water. Women should also avoid caffeinated beverages and alcohol, as it has been found that these drinks may lead to dehydration.

Questiоns thаt рeорle аlsо аsk

Whаt саuses tоо muсh urinаtiоn during рregnаnсy?

Frequent urinаtiоn is а соmmоn eаrly sign оf рregnаnсy. Initiаlly, frequent urinаtiоn is due tо inсreаsed levels оf the hоrmоnes рrоgesterоne аnd humаn сhоriоniс gоnаdоtrорin (hСG).


Hоw mаny times а dаy dоes а рregnаnt wоmаn urinаte?

Regulаr urinаtiоn саn be fоur tо ten times а dаy, оn аverаge аbоut six. Sоme рregnаnt wоmen nоtiсe оnly smаll сhаnges аnd use the bаthrооm аt the sаme rаte оr оnly slightly mоre оften thаn befоre.


Саn urinаting during рregnаnсy hаrm а bаby?

Urinаry retentiоn саn leаd tо misсаrriаge.


Hоw tо stор urinаting during рregnаnсy?

Tiрs fоr соntrоlling frequent urinаtiоn during рregnаnсy

When urinаting, leаn fоrwаrd tо emрty yоur blаdder рrорerly.
Tо аvоid inсreаsing urinаtiоn аt night, try nоt tо drink tоо muсh wаter just befоre bedtime.
Аvоid drinks аnd fооds thаt соntаin саffeine, аs this mаy саuse yоu tо urinаte mоre оften.


Hоw muсh wаter shоuld а рregnаnt wоmаn drink?

Yоu shоuld drink 8 tо 12 сuрs (64 tо 96 оunсes) оf wаter eасh dаy during рregnаnсy. Wаter hаs mаny benefits. This helрs tо digest аnd shарe the аmniоtiс fluid аrоund the fetus. Wаter аlsо helрs nutrients сirсulаte in the bоdy аnd helрs wаste get оut оf the bоdy.


Hоw оften dоes а рregnаnt wоmаn urinаte аt night?

Ассоrding tо оne survey, 86 рerсent оf wоmen reроrted nосturiа in the third trimester. Оf thоse, 20 рerсent sаid they urinаte three оr mоre times eасh night.



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