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FIFTY FIFTY Takes a Breather: Member’s Health Condition Calls for a Temporary Pause

FIFTY FIFTY Takes a Breather: Member’s Health Condition Calls for a Temporary Pause

Attract Records Address the Girl Group’s Hiatus Amid Member’s Health Concerns

Famed girl group, FIFTY FIFTY, under the prolific banner of Attrakt Records, recently announced a hiatus as one of the members grapples with health issues. The decision to temporarily halt the group’s activities comes in the wake of the member’s health struggles and subsequent medical procedure.

Attract Records’ Official Statement

On June 23rd, Attrakt Records issued a detailed official statement elucidating the ongoing hiatus of FIFTY FIFTY, expected to last a month or two, due to the health challenges faced by one member.

The statement read, “One member had medical issues, and after discussion with her family, she was treated according to a physician’s instructions and underwent surgery on May 2 KST.”

This health issue of the key band member led to the group’s hiatus, which Attrakt firmly believes is in the best interest of all involved.

Implications and Future Plans

The band’s hiatus, though temporary, has implications not just for the group but for the fandom as well. 

Attrakt Records further expanded on this, stating that following the doctor’s diagnoses, which suggested a recovery period of 1 or 2 months, the member halted her activities. This situation provided a natural break for the other members.

However, during this hiatus, the label isn’t just waiting for things to fall back into place. Instead, Attrakt has been proactive, preparing to considerably expand and enhance its existing support system for artists.

This move indicates their unwavering commitment to their artists’ welfare and their determination to better the overall management system.

Supporting Our Artists More Faithfully

Attract Records’ decision to amplify its artist support system is an encouraging step for FIFTY FIFTY fans and for the music industry as a whole.

It shows that while the label is committed to delivering high-quality music and performances, it doesn’t shirk from putting its artists’ well-being at the forefront.

As the music world eagerly waits for the band’s return, it also stands united in support of the member’s speedy recovery.

Fans are hopeful that FIFTY FIFTY will bounce back stronger than ever from this hiatus, with the label’s enhanced support system forming a solid backbone.


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