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Unlocking Employment Prospects: Happy Health M Invites Skilled Nepalese Workforce to Malaysia 

Unlocking Employment Prospects: Happy Health M Invites Skilled Nepalese Workforce to Malaysia 

Seizing the international job market, an exceptional career opportunity unfolds for Nepalese workers with Happy Health M Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. Striving to offer attractive packages, the company seeks motivated individuals eager to take on new challenges. This change is especially relevant for those looking forward to enriching their professional experience through foreign employment.

Contact Information for Application

Those interested in the prospects of working abroad in Malaysia can effortlessly reach out to the Manpower Company office for more details. Alternatively, inquiries can also be directed to the contact number provided by Manpower Company.

Job Specifics

The Malaysian-based company, Happy Health M Sdn Bhd, is ready to welcome 25 new members into its team. The selected candidates can anticipate a competitive monthly salary of RM 1500. The forthcoming interview process will be carried out on June 16, 2023.

Take note of the LT number for this job opportunity: 287518. Further details can be found in the job’s official advertisement in the Madhyanna Daily.

Manpower Company Details

Coordinating the recruitment process, Skillzone Consultancy Nepal Pvt. Ltd., located at Samakhushi 26, Kathmandu, Nepal, stands ready to support prospective applicants. For inquiries, the consultancy can be reached at 01- 4380622, 4382511, or 4358633.

Safeguards for Overseas Employment Seekers

Before embarking on the journey of foreign employment, ensure your awareness of certain crucial details:

  • Always cross-check the LT details prior to application.
  • Confirm the remaining quota for the job. The quota might have already been met.
  • Research the Recruiting Agency and the foreign employer to ascertain their credibility. Consider their status and transaction history. Utilize search engines like Google for this purpose.

Lastly, remember to visit the Ministry of Labour and Employment Department of Foreign Employment Website for LT verification and other necessary details.

International job opportunities can significantly enhance your career trajectory. Don’t miss out on these openings and embark on a promising professional journey today.

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