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Grammy-Nominated Larkin Poe Inspires Sobriety and Mental Health Advocacy in Music Industry

Grammy-Nominated Larkin Poe Inspires Sobriety and Mental Health Advocacy in Music Industry

Larkin Poe’s Mission for Sobriety and Mental Health in Music

Renowned country duo Larkin Poe, featuring sisters Megan and Rebecca Lovell, is leading a charge for sobriety and mental wellness in the music industry, a significant milestone in challenging the traditional “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll” mantra. Their dedication is demonstrated through the recent initiative, which aims to offer recovery support to a million people battling addiction.

Championing Sober Positivity: 1 Million Strong

The Atlanta-born, Nashville-based sisters have garnered critical acclaim with their raw, country rock sound. More recently, however, they are grabbing headlines for their involvement in the 1 Million Strong initiative, a campaign that leverages the power of the sober-active community and leading industry entities like the Stand Together Foundation, Stand Together Music, and The Phoenix.

This national movement unites artists, fans, and industry stakeholders to create sober-friendly music spaces and cultivate open discussions on recovery, enabling the music industry to effectively address the widespread issue of addiction.

Opening Up About Mental Health Struggles

The Grammy-nominated duo openly shared their motivations for joining the initiative with Fox News Digital. Rebecca Lovell, the band’s lead vocalist, expressed her admiration for the sincerity and importance of the 1 Million Strong’s mission, particularly given the music industry’s disproportionately high rates of addiction.

Her sister, Megan Lovell, bravely shared her own struggles with mental health, underlining the need for transparent conversations about the challenges often faced by musicians.

She emphasized the healing potential of community and candid discussions, stating, “Drawing people around you is really important because I think that if you feel alone and afraid, it can exacerbate your mental health issues.”

Debunking Myths About Music Touring Life

Despite the pervasive presence of alcohol in music events, both on and off the stage, the sisters are advocating for a shift in perceptions and practices.

They challenge the stereotype of “hardcore,” non-stop partying that is often associated with touring life, arguing that it’s not a sustainable or healthy reality for many artists.

Instead, Larkin Poe’s touring experience over the past 18 years has prioritized human connection and wellness. As Rebecca Lovell put it, “We want to put on really present shows having constructive relationships, healthy relationships. That’s how we interpret our rock ‘n’ roll.”

Embracing Sobriety: Larkin Poe’s Role in 1 Million Strong

The sisters’ recent appearance at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival underscored their commitment to their cause. At the festival, 1 Million Strong hosted a sober-supportive wellness retreat, providing a safe space for attendees seeking a sober environment within the broader festival setting.

By aligning themselves with 1 Million Strong, Larkin Poe hopes to promote mental health and recovery support among their fans and within the music industry at large. Their mission resonates with their lyrical themes, as seen in songs like “Mad As A Hatter,” which also tackles mental health issues.

Rebecca Lovell urges those grappling with addiction to prioritize mental health without fear of judgment. She says, “Being willing to remove judgment from your own experience as a human is really key to being able to live more fully in your life.”

Living Their Truth: Larkin Poe’s Encouragement to Fans and Fellow Artists

Larkin Poe’s commitment extends beyond advocacy. Their journey is deeply personal, reflecting their truth and lived experiences. Rebecca Lovell describes their sober-active lifestyle as “living within your own truth” and engaging as an individual.

The duo has had extensive touring experience with diverse people at different stages of sobriety and recovery, illuminating the necessity of open discussions and strong supportive communities.

Rebecca emphasizes the importance of having a platform where one can openly discuss their challenges, hence avoiding the feelings of isolation that can arise when dealing with addiction and mental health issues.

 Sober Spaces at Music Festivals: The 1 Million Strong Tent

Highlighting the inclusivity of their mission, Larkin Poe praised the 1 Million Strong tent at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. The tent served as a safe haven, offering a sober space within the larger festival context, enabling everyone to enjoy the festival regardless of their sobriety journey.

The sisters noted that the initiative was an “incredible installation,” creating a safe environment for individuals seeking a sober experience while still partaking in the festival’s vibrancy.

 A New Narrative for the Music Industry

As Larkin Poe continues to grow its community and influence, the duo reminds fans and peers that mental health should be a priority. The sisters argue that it’s okay to shun the “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll” stereotype in favor of a more sustainable, health-conscious lifestyle.

“Remove the fear and just try new things,” Rebecca Lovell advises. Her words ring true not only for those battling addiction and mental health issues but also for anyone seeking to explore their inner selves and live a more fulfilled life.

Their efforts, along with the work of 1 Million Strong and other artists, are indeed redefining the narrative of the music industry and making sobriety, mental health, and healthy relationships a new form of “cool.”

With the music industry being one of the hardest-hit sectors by mental health and addiction issues, the efforts of Larkin Poe, 1 Million Strong, and all artists joining the initiative have never been more critical.

By confronting these issues head-on, they are paving the way for a healthier, more inclusive music industry where artists can thrive creatively while prioritizing their mental health and sobriety.

The rising awareness and importance of mental health, reflected in the advocacy work of these artists, is not only changing the music industry but also challenging societal norms and misconceptions.

It’s a powerful reminder that it’s “cool” to prioritize mental health and sobriety, and more importantly, it’s essential for our well-being.

Joining the Fight for Mental Health and Sobriety

In a powerful statement against the high rates of substance use and mental health issues within the music industry—reported by studies from Tulane University School of Social Work.


(https://socialwork.tulane.edu) and Tour Health Research Initiative (THRIV)—Larkin Poe stands alongside other notable artists supporting the 1 Million Strong initiative, including Melissa Etheridge and The Chainsmokers


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