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What Are the Different Types of Mushrooms?

What Are the Different Types of Mushrooms?



When deciding on which types of mushrooms to use in your dishes, you may be confused by the names of each mushroom. Fortunately, we can help you out by examining the various types of mushrooms.

Here are some of the most common types: Portobellos, Enoki, Morel, and Lilac Bonnet. Find out what each one does best! Also, get to know the unique health benefits of each.


The portobello mushroom is a large meaty mushroom with a savory, rich flavor and toothsome texture. These mushrooms are often stuffed. They are the mature form of the mushroom genus Agaricus bisporus, which includes the button and cremini varieties.

The three varieties have different growth stages, but the portobello is the largest and darkest of the three. The umami flavor of portobellos comes from the amino acid glutamate, which is naturally present in mushrooms.

It is also found in anchovies and parmesan cheese. This characteristic makes portobellos an effective meat substitute.

But before you start making portobellos into a delicious meal, make sure you know how to prepare them. Here are some tips to make cooking portobellos easier.


Generally speaking, mushrooms can be divided into two broad categories: edible and poisonous. There are several species of edible mushrooms.

Some are widely available at grocery stores, while others need to be purchased from specialty markets or foraged from the wild. Once found, you must prepare them properly in order to avoid ingesting dangerous poisonous substances.

The following article will explain some of the most popular edible and poisonous types. Enoki mushroom. This type of mushroom looks similar to bean sprouts, with long stems and a thin, white cap

. Wild Enoki mushrooms are darker than cultivated varieties, but both have a delicious flavor and are great additions to stir-fries and other Asian dishes.

This type of mushroom is commonly found in Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Its stem and gills are poisonous, so make sure to use utensils and forks carefully.


You probably have heard of mushrooms. They are the staple ingredient of many dishes, and they are very popular with chefs. Though they are not for everyone, many people fall in love with them the first time they try them.

Many varieties have meaty textures and flavor profiles that can range from earthy to nutty. However, if you have never cooked with mushrooms, you may be missing out on a real treat.

The most common poisonous mushroom is the death cap. While it is edible when cooked, death caps are lethal if eaten raw. It can cause severe gastric distress, including vomiting and coma.

Some people also mistake these mushrooms for edible ones. For this reason, it is important to know which mushroom you are eating.

Whether they are edible or poisonous depends on the species. Toxic mushrooms should never be consumed in large quantities.

Lilac Bonnet

The common name for the lilac bonnet is Mycena pura. This plant is in the family Mycenaceae and belongs to the genus Agaricus. It was first called Agaricus prunus by Christian Hendrik Persoon in 1794.

The German Paul Kummer gave it its current name in 1871. Mycena Pura is a bioaccumulator of boron.

While the stem of the Lilac Bonnet is mostly the same color as the cap of the flower, that of the Rosy Bonnet is a slightly paler shade of purple.

Both plants have a similar appearance, but the Lilac Bonnet is more compact and smaller. It also has a stronger scent of tobacco than the Rosy Bonnet. You’ll know it is a Lilac Bonnet if you see it growing in your yard.

Crab brittlegills

The aspherical, dark red cap covers a flat, white flesh inside. The underside of the cap is sticky, particularly when wet.

The stem is about two centimeters thick and white, tinged pink. Once cut, the mushroom flesh is a soft, crumbly texture that can be eaten.

If you’ve never tasted crab brittlegill mushrooms, they’re an excellent addition to any vegetarian dish. Crab brittlegill mushrooms are edible, although their name is somewhat misleading.

Their distinct, fishy odor may put you off. While this aroma fades in cooking, the mushroom is still poisonous and should be used carefully.

To determine whether a particular variety is edible, you should check the label on the package or consult a mushroom expert.

However, crab brittlegills are generally not commercially available and require some expert knowledge to identify.


Among the different kinds of mushrooms, shiitake is one of the most popular. It is cultivated extensively and has been used for hundreds of years in Asia.

Today, the shiitake is popular in Asian and Japanese cuisine and in the markets of North America. You can grow them at home with a kit or purchase them from a market.

Shiitake mushrooms are medium-sized with a round umbrella-like cap. Their stem is white and the cap is brown or tan. Shiitake is a type of mushroom native to East Asia.

Today, they are grown throughout the world and are considered medicinal mushrooms in some traditions. A 100-gram serving of raw shiitake mushroom provides about 141 kilojoules of energy.

It contains 90% water, 7% carbohydrates, 2% protein, and less than one percent fat. Shiitake mushrooms are rich in B vitamins and are highly nutritious.



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