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Deciphering the One Health Ideology: Humanity’s Balance or Potential Subjugation?

Last Updated on July 21, 2023 by Nurse Vicky

Deciphering the One Health Ideology: Humanity’s Balance or Potential Subjugation?


A Complex Interplay Between Environment and Health

The narrative of One Health—the integrative, comprehensive concept connecting environmental health to human health—has roots in ancient history. As a concept, it’s as old as the human understanding of the importance of the environment in influencing well-being.

Yet, just as the concept itself is historic, so too are the darker elements of human nature—greed, corruption, and the quest for power—that have exploited it.

These have manifested themselves in an alarmingly modern and globalized context, potentially undermining the spirit of One Health.

The present-day appropriation of the One Health approach, fueled by fear-mongering and manipulation, bears similarities to the workings of a global cult.

This emerging narrative hinges on the premise that the entire biosphere is a threat to humanity, carrying the potential for fear-induced control over populations.

With the adoption of the One Health terminology and financial backing from the repercussions of the Covid crisis, this narrative has gained significant momentum.

One Health: A Lifeline for Humanity and Biodiversity

One Health, in essence, is a rational, pragmatic principle, particularly in a world fixated on allopathic medicine and vaccine solutions.

The concept emphasizes the role of sanitation and nutrition in improving overall health components that often eclipse potential gains from big pharma interventions.

However, as we’ve seen in various other sectors, the One Health approach has been co-opted by individuals and entities with self-serving agendas.

These so-called philanthropists have commandeered the principles of One Health to instill fear, effectively employing it as a tool for mass manipulation.

One Health: An Ideological Shift and Its Implications

An examination of the Lancet’s January 2023 elucidation of the One Health concept provides insight into the guiding ideology of those steering this narrative: “All life is equal and of equal concern.”

This stance suggests a fundamentally altered perspective toward the natural world, emphasizing ecological equity over health equity.

The implication here is that within this equitable worldview, humans are considered an environmental burden. The continued growth of the human population has undoubtedly contributed to widespread environmental changes and biodiversity loss.

Thus, under the guise of the greater good, actions leading to the restriction and impoverishment of humans could potentially be justified.

One Health: Instrument of Fear and Control

The hijacked version of One Health portrays humans as being under constant threat from their environment, necessitating protection and control for their own welfare.

To persuade the masses, individuals are subjected to constant reminders of existential risks—climate change, vehicle exhausts, viral variants, and the behaviors of others.

The Covid-19 pandemic witnessed the successful employment of fear as a behavior modification tool, leading to widespread compliance with guidelines such as mask-wearing and stay-at-home orders.

This fear-driven control model could be expanded and applied to any biosphere aspect impacting human well-being, allowing an almost totalitarian population control tool.

A Hopeful Take: WHO’s Redirection Towards Human Well-being

Despite the potential for abuse, the One Health approach, when combined with WHO’s broad health definition and a holistic understanding of environmental interplay, can offer a defendable method to foster genuine human well-being.

This approach should prioritize building and preserving social capital—supportive social networks that value individual participation in decision-making.

One Health: An Urgent Call to Reclaim its Authentic Spirit

The evolution of One Health presents a stark warning of how a well-intentioned concept can be exploited for nefarious purposes. Despite this grim reality, it is crucial to remember that the practice of holistic medicine and the principle of One Health are valuable tools for humanity.

Our task now is to reclaim and preserve these tools from those who seek to subvert them for their personal gain and ideological motivations.

Decoding the Subversion of One Health: 
A Veil for Propaganda?

Understanding One Health as a Strategy for Human Well-being

One Health – a seemingly altruistic notion that marries environmental wellness with human health. A notion that has traveled the sands of time, remaining pivotal throughout the epochs.

Now, a renewed emphasis on this centuries-old ethos calls for a critical review. Consider the pastoralist, whose cattle are plagued by tuberculosis.

The implications are not limited to the herd but trickle down to affect the family, community, and their future.

In this equation, the resolution for the livestock is concurrently a resolution for the humans connected to them. One Health, in its most authentic form, follows this linear logic.

This methodology was adopted as a pragmatic response in a world mesmerized by the lure of allopathic medicine and the promise of magical vaccines.

It was a call to shift our focus back to the basics – sanitation, nutrition, and a balanced environment, all-encompassing an integral aspect of human welfare.

These basic elements of health, often overshadowed by the glitz of pharmaceutical advancements, have the potential to outdo the mortality reduction capabilities of even the most lucrative medical innovations.

However, just as the innocence of flight was exploited for political and financial agendas, One Health has not been immune to the clutches of those with ulterior motives.

The pertinence here is not to abandon planes or holistic medicine, but rather to scrutinize the hijackers and their intentions.

One Health as an Ideology

The esteemed medical journal, The Lancet, shed light on a disturbing interpretation of One Health in early 2023. The narrative proclaimed, “All life is equal and of equal concern”.

A statement that sounds beautiful on the surface, but one that begs further inspection. As humans, we hold a unique position in the ecosystem.

Are we prepared to equate the value of our loved ones with that of a rat, as per this equitable worldview? 

It implies a shocking devaluation of human life and, in the broader picture, portrays humans as pollutants, undermining our contributions and magnifying our environmental footprint.

One Health as an Instrument of Fear

At its worst, One Health is becoming a strategic fearmongering tool. In the current context, where climate change, pollution, virus variants, and disobedience have been painted as existential threats, One Health is used to justify population control.

Fear, historically, has been a potent manipulator of human behavior, compelling compliance, even when it’s against individual or communal interests.

To fully comprehend this strategy, it’s essential to look at the fear manipulation during the Covid-19 crisis, where fear was used to ensure adherence to mask-wearing and stay-at-home orders.

The Shift in WHO’s Stance

The World Health Organization (WHO) could have harmoniously merged its broad definition of health with One Health’s holistic environmental interdependence to promote human welfare.

In 2019, WHO discouraged border closures, quarantine, and extended business closures, predicting they would exacerbate inequality and harm low-income individuals, economies, and social capital.

However, by 2020, WHO’s position had swiveled, with the organization promoting the very policies it had earlier condemned. The beneficiary shift from the impoverished to the affluent marked the transformation of WHO’s ideology, as the latter became its major funders.

Exposing the Cult

The fight against such manipulation isn’t by turning a blind eye but by laying bare the ideology that fuels it – greed, deception, and dishonesty.

It’s essential to remember that this strategy, while widespread, is directed by individuals who are flawed and fallible.

The corrupt version of One Health and the vested interests of its proponents will eventually crumble under the weight of their own deceit and the superficiality of their dogmas.

The Bottom Line

Public health and a holistic worldview aren’t enemies; they are our allies in the pursuit of a healthier, safer world. We must challenge the misinterpretations, driven by those with their own self-interests while acknowledging the value of our own agency in health-related decision-making.


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