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Kris Aquino Triumphs Over Health Struggles: Biological Treatment Proves Effective

Kris Aquino Triumphs Over Health Struggles: Biological Treatment Proves Effective


Aquino Celebrates Ground-breaking Progress in Health Battle

In a much-awaited health update, Kris Aquino, the venerable Queen of All Media, has revealed the encouraging results of her latest treatment. Following a revolutionary new biological injection, the levels of allergens in her blood have significantly decreased.

As announced on her Instagram post on Monday, July 17th, this leading-edge treatment has indeed “done its job,” taking her health to an improved state that has never been seen before.

Biological Treatment Achieves Remarkable Results

Aquino opened up about her health struggles, particularly detailing the biological injection designed to lower allergen levels in her blood. She informed her followers that this treatment brought the Immunoglobulin E (IgE) to a level it had never reached before.

“While I’m still in a more elevated state compared to an average, healthy individual,” she commented on her Instagram post, “the fact that I have managed to drop from thousands to finally below 500 is a significant improvement and a cause for gratitude.”

Navigating Treatment Side Effects

The celebrity revealed the unique side effects of this breakthrough medicine. She stated that while it’s commonplace to experience a cold, cough, or intense headaches, she instead grappled with high blood pressure and bouts of “deep-bone pain” that persist for three to four days.

However, Aquino remains positive, acknowledging her access to medication capable of safeguarding her organs, despite her challenging symptoms.

Aquino Fights Against Rare Disease and Shares Her Pain Management Struggles

Aquino also discussed her battle against Churg Strauss/EGPA, a rare and aggressive form of vasculitis. Despite the severity of this condition, which only offers a 70% survival rate after five years of treatment, Aquino continues to fight. She stressed the importance of treatment as the survival rate plummets to a mere 25% if untreated.

Additionally, Aquino shared her unique medical challenge of being allergic to popular pain relievers, such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, aspirin, mefenamic acid, etoricoxib, and all other Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

Upcoming Treatments and A Call for Support

As Aquino revealed her fourth autoimmune condition, a milder form of systemic scleroderma, she humbly asked her followers for prayers that the condition does not escalate.

“I implore everyone to join me in prayers that I don’t progress beyond Cress Syndrome because Systemic Scleroderma can potentially cause severe lung damage,” she stated.

Aquino also announced the upcoming cycle of her biological injection on July 24th. The blood panel will decide if her dosage needs increasing, the outcome of which will be known by the following day.

Despite the exhaustion and flu-like symptoms this treatment causes, Aquino remains hopeful and committed to her health journey. “As hard as it is to manage these symptoms, I’m prepared for the possibility of it becoming even more challenging,” she bravely admitted.

In this challenging journey, Aquino shows her resilience and determination. She concludes, “I’ll be limiting my external contacts from the start of the next treatment cycle.

The Silver Lining Amidst Health Challenges

Despite her ongoing health struggles, Aquino continues to showcase her resilience. Even when her treatment makes her feel fatigued and bedridden, she remains unwavering in her pursuit of wellness.

Aquino elaborated, “The current dosage leaves me so exhausted, I feel like I’m battling flu and finding it challenging to leave my bed.”

Yet, the possibility of a more intense treatment doesn’t daunt her. She added, “I can only imagine the potential difficulties that may come with a higher dosage – this will also mark the beginning of when I’ll have to limit my contact with the outside world.”

Kris Aquino: An Inspiring Figure Amid Health Adversities

Kris Aquino’s courage in the face of adversity is truly inspiring. She reminds us that every battle is worth fighting, especially when it comes to our health.

As she embarks on this intense treatment journey, she faces every challenge head-on while sharing her experiences to educate and inspire her vast following.

Aquino’s health journey underscores the importance of regular health updates and investing in innovative medical treatments.

It also sheds light on the constant advancements in medicine and healthcare, offering hope for many who may be facing similar health issues.

The world watches as Aquino persists, embodying the spirit of a true warrior. As she navigates her health challenges, she’s not only fighting for herself but also providing hope and strength to those who may be dealing with their health battles.



Original source: GMA Network

*Relevant health link for more information about the Churg-Strauss Syndrome/EGPA

*Relevant health link for more information about systemic scleroderma

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