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How Weight Loss Changed Your Life

How Weight Loss Changed Your Life


You may be asking yourself how weight loss changed your life? Fortunately, there are many ways you can adjust your life after losing weight.

The most obvious way is to prepare properly. After all, no one wants to be cold! But you also might not be able to avoid those less visible consequences.

Before you start shedding pounds, consider these tips for social change:

Less obvious effects of weight loss

less obvious effects of weight loss

People describe losing weight as fantastic and wonderful. Some describe it as a high.

Other people experience an overall feeling of elation.

The emotional effects of weight loss can last a lifetime and extend well beyond the obvious physical changes.

People who have lost weight become more active and outgoing, and they no longer feel like couch potatoes. For some people, losing weight is a sign that they’re finally living life to its fullest.

Changing your social identity after weight loss

changing your social identity after weight loss

What is your social identity? Social identities are portions of an individual’s self-concept derived from their perceived membership in social categories.

These identities may be ascribed or achieved and can be valued or devalued.

When people categorize themselves as overweight, weight may become a social identity.

However, if you no longer feel overweight, the weight will no longer be the center of your self-concept.

Health benefits of weight loss

health benefits of weight loss

Weight loss is an effective way to reduce your risk of developing many serious diseases, including osteoarthritis and arthritis.

Excess weight also wears down the joints, leading to joint pain and stiffness.

Losing excess weight helps maintain bone health and improves mobility.

Excess weight is also linked to various serious health conditions, including cancer, liver and kidney disease, and sleep apnea.

People who lose excess weight also experience reduced stress levels and improved mood.

The reduction of excess weight has other benefits as well. It can improve your mood and make you feel more confident.

Overweight people often experience more hostility and rudeness than those who are thin.

They may also need fewer calories to function properly, which means fewer trips to the doctor and a reduced need to purchase shapeless clothes.

Weight loss also makes you less hungry, since you need fewer calories to maintain your current body weight.




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