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Why Weight Loss Doesn’t Work?

Why Weight Loss Doesn’t Work?


You’ve probably heard that dieting doesn’t work. It’s true, but it’s not for the reasons that people assume.

Dieting makes the body change in a fundamental way, which makes it impossible to lose weight and keep it off.

Instead of weight loss, dieters actually gain weight! In addition, many people mistakenly believe that they need to exert self-control to succeed on a diet.

Excessive exercise causes weight gain


excessive exercise causes weight gain

Many of us have heard about the link between excessive exercise and weight gain.

Excessive exercise can cause inflammation throughout the body, and also increases the stress hormone cortisol, which promotes fat storage.

Excessive exercise is not the answer to weight loss – the opposite may be true. For this reason, excessive exercise alone is not an effective weight loss strategy.

Too much exercise can actually cause weight gain. The stress that comes from excessive exercise alters the hormonal balances in the body.

Excessive exercise increases the stress hormone cortisol and can increase your hunger and appetite.

Excessive exercise can also cause you to store fat around the belly.

To prevent this from happening, you should schedule rest days in between rigorous workouts.

Overtraining is a common problem among women. Excessive exercise can cause a number of health problems and stall weight loss efforts.

It also changes your metabolism and hormone levels, leading to weight gain.

If you are overtraining, make sure you’re exercising for the right reasons. Excessive exercise can lead to overeating, which can make weight loss difficult.

Fad diets don’t promote weight loss

fad diets don't promote weight loss

People are willing to try almost anything when it comes to weight loss.

This can be for several reasons. It could be because they want to look better or they’re worried about their health.

In these situations, companies that promote fad diets take advantage of people’s desire to lose weight quickly.

Often, people would rather have a quick fix than make a long-term lifestyle change.

A review of 31 different studies conducted on fad diets showed that 30-60% of participants gained their excess weight after completing the program.

Some even gained more. Fad diets never make people healthier, and instead, lead to an unhealthy obsession with weight loss.

Fad diets are not the answer for anyone who wants to lose weight.

If you want to lose weight, you should choose a sustainable plan that allows you to indulge in occasional desserts.

Excessive calorie restriction causes weight gain


excessive calorie restriction causes weight gain

While cutting down on calories can lead to weight loss, excessive calorie restriction only makes the process harder.

It also promotes binge eating, which increases weight. This cycle of dieting and binge eating can be harmful to the body’s metabolism.

Moreover, it can make you feel depressed and anxious.

Maintaining a healthy relationship with food is important for maintaining your mental health.

You should try to avoid excessive calorie restrictions if you want to stay healthy.

This type of dieting lowers the body’s resting metabolic rate, which is the rate at which it burns calories for energy.

When this metabolic rate drops, the body starts to store incoming calories, because it thinks it’s starving. This can lead to increased weight, poor health, and other long-term consequences.

Moreover, the prolonged calorie restriction can cause muscle loss and impaired immune function.





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