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Celebrity Chef John Mountain Bans Vegans from His Restaurant, Citing Mental Health Reasons

Celebrity Chef John Mountain Bans Vegans from His Restaurant, Citing Mental Health Reasons

 Renowned chef John Mountain has caused a stir in the culinary world by implementing a controversial ban on vegans at his esteemed restaurant, Fyre.

In an unexpected turn of events, this decision was prompted by a negative review from a disgruntled vegan customer.

Mountain, known for his appearances on popular cooking shows such as The Great British Menu and Chef Race UK v US, took to social media to announce the ban, citing “mental health reasons” as the driving force behind his controversial move.

Subheading: A Culinary Controversy Unveiled

In a surprising announcement on his official Facebook page, John Mountain, the celebrated chef behind Fyre restaurant in Perth, Australia, revealed his decision to ban all vegans from his establishment.

This unprecedented action came after a vegan customer left a scathing review, raising concerns about the lack of vegan options available.

Subheading: Promises Unfulfilled and a Forgotten Pledge

Prior to the fateful visit, the vegan customer had contacted the restaurant to inquire about vegan-friendly dishes.

Chef Mountain assured her that her dietary requirements would be catered to, mentioning options such as gnocchi and vegetables.

Unfortunately, amidst the hustle and bustle of a private event he had to oversee, Mountain inadvertently forgot about his promise.

Subheading: A Vegan’s Complaint Ignites Controversy

The disappointed vegan took to social media the following day to express her dissatisfaction with Fyre’s lack of plant-based meal options.

She emphasized the importance of inclusivity in modern restaurants and admonished Mountain for not keeping up with the times. This critical review touched a nerve, and Chef Mountain’s response was far from diplomatic.

Subheading: A Fiery Response and a Ban Enforced

Unhappy with the personal nature of the complaint, Mountain retaliated, expressing his disappointment in a public retort.

In a rather confrontational manner, he not only defended his restaurant but also issued a ban on all vegans, inviting them to seek alternative dining options.  This fiery exchange only served to intensify the debate surrounding his decision.

Subheading: Mental Health Reasons Emerge as the Motivation

Behind the controversial ban lies an intriguing aspect. Chef Mountain cited “mental health reasons” for his decision, raising eyebrows among both his supporters and critics.

While the true nature of this reasoning remains unclear, it has undoubtedly added another layer of complexity to an already contentious situation.

Subheading: A Culinary Icon’s Journey and Legacy

John Mountain, originally from the UK, has been making waves in the Australian culinary scene for the past seven years.

With appearances on esteemed cooking shows such as The Great British Menu and Chef Race UK v US, his talent and expertise have garnered widespread recognition. However, this recent controversy may leave a lasting mark on his illustrious career.


Chef John Mountain’s ban on vegans at his restaurant, Fyre, has sparked a passionate debate within the culinary community.

While some view his decision as an overreaction to a negative review, others speculate about the true motivations behind his drastic action. Only time will tell how this controversy will shape Chef Mountain’s legacy in the culinary world.










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