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 Rescued Horses at Richmond Animal Care and Control Make an Inspiring Recovery

 Rescued Horses at Richmond Animal Care and Control Make an Inspiring Recovery

Virginia’s Statewide Effort Helps 100 Malnourished Thoroughbreds

RICHMOND, Va. – In a heartwarming display of compassion and care, Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) has taken on the task of rehabilitating four rescued horses, marking a significant step in the larger statewide initiative to aid approximately 100 thoroughbreds seized from a dilapidated Shenandoah County farm just last week.

These majestic creatures, previously subjected to malnourishment and deplorable conditions, are now finding solace and healing under RACC’s watchful eye.

A Haven for Recovery: RACC’s Former Barn

Located within the confines of the former barn housing the Richmond Police Mounted Patrol, RACC has created a sanctuary where these four equines can mend their wounds and rebuild their strength.

RACC Director, Christie Chipps Peters, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to step in and provide assistance, acknowledging the barn’s temporary suitability for the horses’ respite care.

With no pasture or grass to tempt their delicate digestive systems, the stable environment offers the perfect setting to prevent colic and facilitate slow, controlled feeding an essential part of their recuperation.

The Urgent Call for Assistance

When Chipps Peters received an urgent phone call from a friend in the animal rescue world about a crisis unfolding in Shenandoah, she wasted no time rallying RACC’s resources.

The dire condition of the horses at the farm necessitated immediate intervention. The ensuing operation involved a vast network of connections within the horse rescue community, all united in their determination to make a difference.

Resilience and Redemption: The Four Horses

RACC specifically requested to care for the horses in the most critical condition, confident in their ability to provide the necessary treatment. The following four horses, each with a name lovingly bestowed by RACC, now symbolize hope and resilience:

  1. Daffodil, a 13-year-old former racing horse known as “Kentucky Melody,” is described as affectionate but has knee and leg issues, rendering her non-rideable. She will serve as a cherished companion in the pasture.
  2. Nutmeg, aged 4, received additional treatment at a veterinary clinic on Friday and is expected to return to the barn on Monday, well on her way to recovery.
  3. Julie, a 10-year-old ex-racehorse, holds a position of authority within the group. While RACC continues to uncover her history, the possibility of her being rideable adds to her intrigue.
  4. Baby June, between the ages of 2 and 3, remains in critical condition, capturing the hearts of all involved. Her sweetness and vulnerability inspire the dedicated team at RACC to work tirelessly toward her restoration.

With Daffodil and Julie potentially ready for adoption as early as this week, the other two horses require a few more weeks of intensive care.

RACC diligently follows a strict and regulated program designed to promote healthy growth, safeguard against colic, and ensure a successful recovery for each animal.

Supporting the Cause: The Tommie Fund

Recognizing the substantial expenses associated with caring for horses, RACC extends its support to other municipal shelters that have taken on some of the rescued horses.

The Tommie Fund, managed by RACC, provides crucial financial assistance, and donations to this fund are warmly encouraged by individuals eager to contribute to the horses’ welfare. The accumulated bills necessitate a collective effort to alleviate the financial burden and sustain the ongoing rescue mission

An Emotional Journey 

For Chipps Peters, a lifelong rider and advocate for animal welfare, witnessing the neglect these horses endured has been a heartbreaking experience. She questions how anyone could amass such a large number of horses without the means to properly care for them.

Neglecting any animal is a sorrowful situation, but horses hold a special place in her heart, intensifying her emotional response.

However, amidst the sadness, Chipps Peters finds solace in the remarkable display of support from organizations, communities, and individuals who have united to save these horses’ lives. Their unwavering dedication and the outpouring of assistance serve as a profound source of inspiration.

Spreading Awareness and Making a Difference

In order to maximize the impact of this heartwarming story and extend support to these deserving animals, it is crucial to share their journey far and wide.

Social media platforms offer a powerful tool for spreading awareness.

By sharing this remarkable tale of resilience and recovery, we can collectively inspire others to join the cause, donate to the Tommie Fund, and help ensure that these horses receive the care they desperately need.


Richmond Animal Care and Control’s tireless efforts to nurture and heal these rescued horses exemplify the profound compassion that exists within our communities.

Their commitment to rehabilitating these majestic creatures is a testament to the transformative power of love and care.

As Daffodil, Nutmeg, Julie, and Baby June continue their journey toward recovery, we can all play a part in their story by supporting the Tommie Fund and spreading the word about their inspiring journey. Together, we can create a world where every animal receives the care, love, and dignity they deserve.




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