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Baby Gifts Guide – 5 Things you to know

Last Updated on June 9, 2022 by Nurse Vicky

Baby Gifts Guide


The structure of a family can also help you decide which baby gift to give. For instance, you might need two baby gifts if you’re giving them to a couple with twins.

For parents who already have a child, it might make more sense to buy a gift that focuses on the parents. The most important baby items are likely already owned.

For the rest of us, we should focus on the parent. In this case, you’ll need to choose between a gift for a parent and a gift for the child.

Unisex Baby Gift Ideas

Many new parents love gender-neutral nursery items. Gifts that bless the parents and their newborn baby are always appreciated.

Project Nursery offers gender-neutral furniture, decor, toys, and more. Choose from warm or cool-toned blocks, snuggle bunnies, and on-trend nursery decor.

Gifts for both boys and girls are equally thoughtful and practical. Whether you’re shopping for a male or female parent, you’ll find the perfect gift to make the nursery unique.

Parents in a new-parenting situation may be surprised to learn that they’re not the only ones with a newborn.

Unisex baby gift baskets are a great option for both sexes.

The gender-neutral gifts are exciting for those parents who don’t know the gender of their child and can be as practical as the baby’s room.

Parents who know the gender of their newborn may not want to expose their babies to the gender they are not comfortable with at the start.

Many parents-to-be are awaiting the arrival of the baby’s gender. However, gender reveals are becoming more common. In the meantime, many parents-to-be want to delay the gender reveal.

While a gender-neutral baby gift may seem counter-intuitive, it’s the perfect option for parents-to-be who want to postpone the gender announcement until after the birth.

Unisex baby gift ideas also work well for expectant uncles and grandfathers.

Affordable Baby Gift Ideas

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If you want to buy the new parents something special, there are many inexpensive baby gift ideas available.

Pajamas are inexpensive and easily available at most stores.

Themed gift baskets are another affordable option for a baby gift.

They can contain nursing pads, manual breast pumps, nipple cream, and more.

The new parents will love this thoughtful gift.

Let us know what your ideas are for affordable baby gifts! Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.

Another cheap baby gift idea is a photo album.

Baby pictures are invaluable to the parent’s memory, so buy a photo album. An itty-bitty photo album has eight pages of four-by-six-inch photos.

It has various patterns and colors, and a handle for the little hands.

can even give the baby a selfie with the itty-bitty photo album! For more ideas, check out our list of other affordable baby gift ideas.

Baby bedding can help the parents document the milestones in their baby’s first year.

Try to buy one with quick-dry fabric, and go for a patterned baby blanket or sleeping bag with cute motifs.

If the parents are not into keeping a photo album, consider gifting them with other baby gear such as swaddling clothes, baby sheets, rugs, drapes, and height charts.

The list of ideas is almost endless, and will make the parents happy!

Unique baby gift ideas

Whether the mother-to-be is expecting a boy or a girl, unique baby gift ideas can make the recipient’s day.

Baby showers are a great opportunity to find a gift that will be useful to the baby and the mom-to-be. Here are some gift ideas to consider for a baby shower gift:

If the baby is still a newborn, consider buying a wooden walker for a cheap but useful gift.

It will help the children experiment with blocks while they are still young and can eventually stand by themselves.

Other practical baby gift ideas include personalized baby spoons, blankets, and growth charts.

These can be helpful for keeping the baby warm and dry while they’re in the bath. Don’t forget to check out the reviews before purchasing a gift.

Baby gifts that are useful but unique can be a sling carrier. These baby carriers allow parents to carry their babies close to their bodies, providing a feeling of comfort and security.

They are also a great choice for hands-free situations, where a stroller might prove problematic.

Alternatively, you can give the parents a gift cheque for a babyproofing kit. They can also buy more than one of these if they like!







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